About us

About the Entrepreneurial Company
Asia Group is a private group engaged in initiation and development of real estate projects in Israel and overseas.
The company owns hundreds of acres for construction in Israel, including a coastline of approximately 30 acres in western Hadera, which includes five projects with various land determinations: residential towers, a cottage neighborhood, a commercial center, shopping and leisure centers along an esplanade and a luxury hotel.
The company's managers are among the best in their field in Israel, executives with extensive experience in acquisition, initiation, design, construction and development of real estate projects.
The company has a professional staff seasoned in initiation and development, as well as a team of leading consultants from various fields, which cooperate with the staff in planning and facilitating the various projects.

Our vision -
"Such a high end residential project with full panoramic view from each and every apartment, being so near to the sea shore is a rare opportunity in Israel and worldwide.
As the developers of Hadera's coastal strip we understand the responsibility that lays upon us regarding the quality and performance of our projects. A combination of residential towers, a new villa neighborhood, shopping center, a beach promenade, restaurants, bars, cafes and a hotel – all laying on the coastline of one of the most beautiful places in Israel is significant and challenging.
There are few places in Israel if any that are in a process of such a dramatic change. Our area in the center of Israel, between Haifa and Tel Aviv, is becoming one of the most important and influential leisure hubs in Israel. High accessibility to the coastal highway, the construction of additional access roads are making it an exclusive residential district and a fantastic residential and leisure solution for many who dream of living and vacationing near the sea."